“The Driftless Film Festival is a regional film festival with a focus on independent films from around the world. Our mission is not only to bring unique cinema to Driftless residents, but to encourage people from outside the Driftless area to come discover its many historic theaters and venues while experiencing one of the most unique and beautiful regions in the Midwest.”

“The Driftless Film Festival showcases independent films in beautiful venues in southwestern Wisconsin while enriching the community with face-to-face interaction with the filmmakers.”

“About twelve years ago, Nicholas Langhoff (one of the founders of the DFF) came to the town of Mineral Point. Let me first explain that Mineral Point is no ordinary town. Most of the people I’ve met who have moved here were simply overcome with the feeling that this place was something special and that it would be a nice place to live.”

“Darren Burrows recalls standing around the production office while acting in the 2010 film NoNAMES when someone said, ‘Darren, I’m such a fan of your work. How did you become involved in this project?’ ‘Nick’s a friend of mine,’ replied the alumnus of TV’s Northern Exposure, referring to NoNAMES co-producer Nicholas Langholff. ‘ And somebody else in the office said, ‘Oh, you’ve been Langholffed too.’ ”